#Poetry Friday: “What If” & #Inktober day 6 sketch

I walk pretty much daily; it’s a comforting place for collecting one’s thoughts and temporarily letting go of all that is happening in our small world, which is quite full lately. So while taking in the inviting fall changes I sifted through the horrors of this last week, and fell to my friends the trees for solace and understanding. They’re very patient and always willing to listen; and then I thought of the trees from “Lord of the Rings,” the ones that uproot themselves and begin walking around. And here was a poem beginning, a  What If poem.



What if the trees uproot
     and walk around?
What if they wave their
     branches with a disapproving frown?

What if their hidden faces
     become real and scornful?
What if my thoughts become
     too sad and mournful?

What if they band together
     forming a humanitarian wall?
What if we join them,
     young and old, one and all!

What if this happened
     all across the world?
What if nothing could stop them,
would peace speak out and become unfurled?

What if they quieted misplaced
     anger, war, and famine?
What if nations set aside their arms,
begin to listen, and reexamine?

What if they slowed our steps,
     and we began to think–again…
What if, could become a wonderful thing,
   if, what if could be released, sing and remain!

© 2017 Michelle Kogan

Here’s a link to Jackie French Koller’s, strong What If poem, you have to read it at her site due to its copyright.

Violet Nesdoly is hosting this weeks Poetry Friday Roundup at her site Violet Nesdoly/poems; and she’s offering up a lovely bevy of pumpkins in words and images. Thanks for hosting Violet!

About Michelle Kogan Art, Illustration, & Writing

Michelle Kogan is an artist, illustrator, instructor, and writer, creating colorful allegorical figure, flora and fauna paintings and children's illustrations, which have a sensitivity to endangered species, and the environment. She is an art instructor at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and the Evanston Art Center and offers Plein Air Painting Workshops at nature venues in the Chicago area including the Lincoln Park Conservatory, Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, and Lurie Gardens at Millennium Park. Visit her online Etsy Shop at: http://www.MichelleKoganFineArt.etsy.com and her website: http://www.michellekogan.com
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30 Responses to #Poetry Friday: “What If” & #Inktober day 6 sketch

  1. Trini Lind says:

    Love it! 💖🌲. Beautiful tree and powerful poem! 💖🌲💖🌲.

  2. katswhiskers says:

    Even the trees have eyes. 🙂 I didn’t know the original ‘What if’, but it makes a wonderful mentor text to shape a poem from. (And such important advice from Jackie French Koller in terms of copyright!)

  3. sewbussted says:

    This is so special Michelle. Love it!

  4. The March of the Ents would be something to see. Maybe it would wake up those who favor fracking and pipelines.

  5. What if, indeed. This is a beautiful vision for what is possible. It turns my mind to one of Tolkein’s colleagues–CS Lewis–who also had talking, moving trees come to fight for the side of good. Come to think of it, they, too, were fighting a kingdom that sought to suppress all who were different.

  6. Tabatha says:

    I’m a walker, too, Michelle. Such a good time to gather yourself together, and get away from current events. Love your illustration. What if … is a great starting point!

  7. jama says:

    Oh yes, call on the Ents! Enjoyed your thought provoking poem, Michelle. There are so many “what-ifs” to consider these days, as well as “why’s.” I also find myself dwelling in the land of “if only.”

  8. It’s always a privilege to host Poetry Friday, Michelle! And I’d love to be part of your world with its mobile trees that slow us down and make us rethink our ways!

  9. maryleehahn says:

    I like the idea of the trees saving the world! (We’re certainly making a mess of it!!)

  10. A wonderful sequence of what ifs to ponder….and a gorgeous illustration pairing. Thank you for sharing your art.

  11. mbhmaine says:

    Your illustration is beautiful and your questions well worth pondering. What if…

  12. lindabaie says:

    I love your drawings, Michelle, wish that those ents would be part of the rescue needed! Your ‘what if’ is just what is needed after this terrible week. We could use a number of groups “banding together.”

  13. Laura Shovan says:

    The Ents — and the scenes where we see them walking — are among my favorite scenes in LOTR. It’s such a powerful idea to see the spirits of the trees in motion. I enjoyed the poem and thinking about what might happen if wiser creatures helped us put a halt to man-made tragedies.

  14. Oh, what if! If only! I’m in the middle of reading “The Hidden Life of Trees” (Wohlleben) and that has me believing anything is possible when it comes to trees.

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