Sketches & Picture Book Art in progress


Here’s a few sketches from my summer beach outings…

Today in my Summer Teen Plein Air Class at the EAC we made sketchbooks, and then went out and worked on gesture drawings. Here’s a page from my sketchbook with two shape poems I worked on while the students were drawing…

A page from my newly made sketchbook 6-11-2012

A Warm Day in May, Sketches from Touhy Beach


These were some quick gesture sketches at Touhy Beach this past summer 2011

Pencil Sketches Touhy Beach-8-2011

Pencil Sketches Touhy Beach (2) 8-2011

I’m working on these drawings for the picture book Through A Sunflower

4 Responses to Sketches & Picture Book Art in progress

  1. Gale Trausch says:

    Hi Michelle.. Enjoyed looking at your work. I took your class in Lurie Garden a few years back.

  2. sue clancy says:

    I enjoy seeing your work in progress! I especially like the kid “flying” on the bird.

  3. cvarsalona says:

    Beautiful works to share with students, Michelle.

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