Poetry Friday–Cascade Poem and “Two Truths and a FIB Poetry Anthology”

Veronicas, Bee, Monarch, and Warbler, WIP © 2023 Michelle Kogan

Happy Poetry Friday!

My poem comes from the Poetry Sisters prompt to write a cascade poem. In this poem form each line from the first stanza repeats itself in subsequent stanzas, in the third line of each stanza. It was also suggested to create some kind of transformation. Thanks to all the sisters for the prompt:  Laura,  Tanita,  Mary Lee,  Liz,  Kelly,  Tricia,  Sara,  and Andi! Find more of these poems tagged with #PoetryPals. You can follow another transformation occurring in my WIP art as it has grown over the last two weeks…


As a babe we’re hungry as a caterpillar
Unknowingly we’ll do anything to fill that gnawing pang
With desire change may begin.

Some pangs are tamed, some grow discordantly
Nurture/nature walk a fine line while
As a babe we’re hungry as a caterpillar.

Somehow we chrysalis ourselves
Somehow we metamorphosize though
Unknowingly we’ll do anything to fill that gnawing pang.

Tame offers discord a helping hand
Reluctant but tired of pangs, discord does a do-si-do and
With desire change may begin.

© 2022 Michelle Kogan  draft

Whee! Look at this beautiful new book that came out 1•1•23 Two Truths and a FIB Poetry Anthology, edited and compiled by Bridget Magee! Bridget came up with the idea for this book last year when she saw that in January of 2023 it would begin with 1•1•23, which is exactly how the fibonacci sequence begins. This was the kernel for the book, “wouldn’t it be fun to create a poetry anthology that introduces various subjects, a wide variety of poetry forms and amazing poets based on this ice-breaker game with a tie-in to math?” From there her ideas solidified into the title. Her book hosts 29 poets and 30 subjects.
Each poet is given a generous spread of pages, and opens with their subject, i.e. (in my case as I’m very happy to be in this chock-full-of creative poetry goodness book, ) Monarch Butterflies. The next few pages share two truth poems, followed by a FIB, and a fact check for that FIB. But it doesn’t stop there… This is followed by sharing the poet’s poetry forms, and a page introducing the poet. And it still doesn’t stop there, for there’s more clever tidbits from the poet’s in the back of the book. Can you tell I’m a wee bit smitten with this book, 🥰 There’s a good handful of us Poetry Friday poets included in the book in addition to many more. I would encourage you to rush right out and get one! Bridget is also featuring each poet in a blog post and on FB each day for the month of January. Many thanks Bridget for all your efforts in this gorgeous new poetry anthology!

Here’s a sample page with two of my truth poems on Monarch Butterflies. You’ll have to pick up a book to find out what my FIB is… And read many more of the poems!

Two Truths and a FIB Poetry Anthology: A Poetic Introduction to 30 Subjects with a TWIST
edited and compiled by Bridget Magee
wee words for wee ones
Zug, Ch

Jan Godown Annino at her magic-filled poetry blog Bookseedstudio is hosting this week’s Poetry Friday Roundup, thanks Jan! Jan’s sharing the poet, artist and gardener Sharon Lovejoy, be sure to stop by!

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Poetry Friday–New Year, New Book, New Card!

Year of the Rabbit, © 2023 Michelle Kogan, pen and ink digitally toned drawing.

Happy Poetry Friday!

I’m sharing a New poem celebrating the Year of the Rabbit, a New Anthology Book I’m in, and a New Valentine’s Card.


year of the rabbit
year of the cat
celebrate the

animals in
Rabbit’s kindness,
empathy, and

patience, symbols
of feminine
yin forces. Don

new clothes, haircuts–
wish good luck and
fortune throughout

© 2023 Michelle Kogan, Draft

I’m very happy to be featured with a handful of poems in this new Poetry Anthology, SO MANY ANIMALS! A Child’s Book of Poetry, Edited by M.R. Street and published by Turtle Cove Press! It came out late in 2022 and also includes many Poetry Friday poets including Margaret Simon, Irene Latham, Jan Annino, Linda Mitchell, Buffy Silverman, and the editor M.R. Street along with eight additional poets. It also picked up a Kirkus Review. Each poem has an accompanying lively line art drawing that children can color, and there’s also room in the back of the book for them to write their own poem and make a drawing. In addition, many of the poems also include the poetry form used and a bit about it.

Margaret Simon’s poem TURTLES AND GATORS feels like it wants to move right off the page as her critters, “Bump / Bounce / Boogie / on a wayward log.” and physically down the page in her fun concrete poem. Editor M.R. Street offers us a warm and snuggly view in her poem of an Okapi and her new calf “(a relative of the giraffe),” “A long tongue reaches behind / Pink, new-born ears of her.” Linda Mitchell shoos away any rainy-day-blue feelings with her endearing BLUE OX poem, “Today, I wear my blue coat / and nibble cakes of sweet oats / Even if there are rain showers.” I love the playfulness in Irene Latham’s poem A DREAM OF SHEEP, “I like their wooly coats, / the way they bleat / and how they eat/whenever they please.” Buffy Silverman gives us a quick glimpse into summer evening fireflies with her poem, NIGHT ARTISTS, “Windows are washed / with splashes of light / with flashes of green.” As the book closes Jan Annino gathers many of the animals in her delightful poem ANIMALS ALL AROUND, “Giraffe, bear, ostrich, moose. / So many animals running loose.” And here’s one of my poems,


My habitat’s in Caldwell Pond

by bullfrogs, ducks, and butterflies.

I fish, I fly, not far beyond

my habitat’s in Caldwell Pond.

Don’t get too close, sit by that frond

or SKEOW you’ll soon hear my cries–

My habitat’s in Caldwell pond

by bullfrogs, ducks, and butterflies.

© 2022 Michelle Kogan

SO MANY ANIMALS! A Child’s Book of Poetry
Edited by M.R. Street
Turtle Cove Press
© 2022

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 1-heartful-valentine-card-front-1-18-23.jpg.jpg

Here’s a new Valentine’s card available in my online Etsy Shop, Michelle Kogan Fine Art!

Marcie Flinchum Atkins at her blog of the same name, is hosting this week’s Poetry Friday Roundup, thanks Marcie! She’s sharing a bevy of dormancy nature books including one of her own, be sure to stop by!

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Poetry Friday-Beginnings…

Veronica, WIP, © 2023, Michelle Kogan, pencil and pen and ink.

Happy Poetry Friday

Sneaking in a post in between my morning and evening classes today, another short and sweet, with a cherita poem and WIP artwork.
Looking forward to rejoining all in a much less abbreviated version next week…

Here’s a glimpse into beginnings of my one little word for 2023, can you pick it out?


Ponder between classes

Ponder between
Morning and night

Beginnings of a drawing
Beginnings of a poem.

©2023 Michelle Kogan  draft

Susan Thomsen at her blog Chicken Spaghetti is hosting this week’s Poetry Friday Roundup, thanks Susan! She’s sharing a “VINTAGE” bicycle poem be sure to stop by!

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Poetry Friday–short poem, short post

Happy Poetry Friday!

Here’s to a New Year and a New first poem…

My tanka poem was inspired by Margaret Simon’s This Photo Wants to Be A Poem, post this week, thanks Margaret and for the photo too! Stop by Margaret’s post for additional poems inspired by the lovely “Mossy branch!”

Mossy branch, by Henry Cancienne.

Tendrils of mossy
greenness meander amongst
morning dewdrops and
spew celebratory
sparkles for our new year!

© 2022 Michelle Kogan   draft

Here’s the beginning of a poem I liked reading this week from the Poetry Foundation. It’s by Bert Meyers, a poet who is new to me and whom I would enjoy reading more of.

by Bert Meyers

I earn a living
and I have a family
but to tell the truth
I’m a wild olive tree

I like cognac
and a proud Jewish song
I live wherever
I don’t belong

Read the rest of the poem here.

Catherine Flynn at her blog Reading to the Core is hosting this week’s Poetry Friday Roundup, thanks Catherine! Catherine is sharing a poem from her poetry group the Inkling’s that began from the idea about Change and transformed from there… Be sure to stop by!

And as for me, I will be almost invisible this weekend as I mentioned last week I’m teaching a 2-weekend Color Theory class starting tomorrow night…

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Poetry Friday– Box-4×4 Poem Prompt

American Redstart, © 2020 Michelle Kogan, pen and ink and watercolor.

Happy Poetry Friday!

My two poems below come from the Poetry Sisters prompt to write a poem that has
something to do with a “box.” I chose to write 4 x 4 poems, they have:
– 4 stanzas
– 4 syllables per line
– first line of the poem is repeated again as a refrain in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th lines of those
respective stanzas
–and bonus points for having 4 syllables in the title!

Thanks to all the Sisters for this prompt:  Laura,  Tanita,  Mary Lee,  Liz,  Kelly,  Tricia,  Sara,  and Andi! Find more of these poems tagged with #PoetryPals.

Stop by the National Ocean Service for some interesting facts about our oceans.


Boxes of love
tenderly wrapped
sent to each home
round our small world.

Compassion filled
boxes of love
hear you and you
help others grow

and empathy.
Boxes of love
given as gifts,

fill with Kindness,
fill with Justice,
fill with new Hope,
Boxes of love.

© 2022 Michelle Kogan

I liked the poem below, it came in my inbox from the Academy of American Poets, and it seemed to fit with my post…

by Peter Streckfus

My grandfather went on his moped to the factory, two hours travel each way.
The rest of the days he fished in the woods.
The fishing rods and the nets he tied to the moped.

When I was old enough, he took me.
We rode with our legs out in the air on the bags.
We fished for eel.

Boiled water out of the creek for coffee, tea, and soup.
If we didn’t catch anything, we had nothing.
At night, when we lay to sleep, the world changed.

Read the rest of the poem here.

I may not have a post or make it around the Poetry Friday posts next week as I will be teaching a Color Theory intensive class at the School of the Art Institute over the first two weekends in January–Friday night and all day Saturday and Sunday.

Patricia J. Franz at her blog Reverie is hosting this week’s Poetry Friday Roundup, thanks Patricia! Patricia is giving us all Thanks, and offering us a goose-bumpy-good Blessings poem, be sure to stop by!

Sending thoughts to all folks this past week in the path of the storms.

Wishes for

Joy, Peace & Love

in the New Year!

💙 🕊 💜

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Poetry Friday–Hanukkah light, Solstice & Ukraine

Hanukkah Light Hope & Joy, © 2022, Michelle Kogan, pen and ink and watercolor.

Happy Poetry Friday!

dance hanukkah flames

spread light and freedom, fill hearts

with joy and hope!

 © Michelle Kogan

Here’s a short solstice haiku, welcoming winter and more light each day…

solstice soirée
breathe… live… love…laugh,
and help someone.

© 2022 Michelle Kogan

As my thoughts continue on with the brave Ukrainians, I’m sharing the beginning of Ukrainian American poet Ilya Kaminsky’s poem,


And when they bombed other people’s houses, we

but not enough, we opposed them but not

enough. I was
in my bed, around my bed America

was falling: invisible house by invisible house by invisible house.

I took a chair outside and watched the sun.

read the rest of the poem here.

Read commentary about the poem and poet here.

Here is Ilya Kaminsky’s website, where you will find some of his books, poetry, and more.

Ilya Kaminsky’s along with Rob Lipton together have a GoFundMe campaign targeted to help Writers and Newspapers in Odesa, you can find out about it, and make a donation here. Rob Lipton is new to me, here is his poem Darwish Sits In, and a review of his poetry book Complex Bravery.

Irene Latham at her blog Live Your Poem is hosting this week’s Poetry Friday Roundup, thanks Irene, be sure to stop by!

Wishes for Peace & Happy Holidays to all!

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Poetry Friday–Winter Seeds/Bulbs & New Watercolor Sketchbook…

serene seed angels
spread wings and ride wind’s whirls, while
winter tucks them tight.

© 2022 Michelle Kogan

Happy Poetry Friday

I’ve been busy trying out the 4 x 4 poem form, ever since I saw Tanita Davis’ post for this months Poetry Sisters’s prompt to write a “BOX” influenced poem… Haven’t gotten around to the Box poem yet, but hey there’s still a few weeks…


Muscari bulbs
planted late in
November not
quite December.

Eighteen, small, plump
Muscari bulbs,
sweet dream over 
winter and wait

patiently in
leaf-covered earth.
Muscari bulbs
wake when temps start

to rise, and sun
starts to shine, then
soft earth wakes up
Muscari bulbs…

© Michelle Kogan

This little Robin has been keeping me busy and decided to make another appearance on the cover of a Pocket Watercolor Sketchbook, stop by my Etsy Shop and take a peek…

Karen Edmisten from her blog, The Blog With the Shockingly Clever Title, is hosting this weeks Poetry Friday Roundup, thanks Karen! Karen’s sharing a lovely poem about kindness, be sure to stop by.

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Poetry Friday Roundup is Here!

Happy Poetry Friday!

I’m hosting the Poetry Friday Roundup today, drop your links off below with Mister Linky, and enjoy all the poetry ponderings around our small planet.

Along with my poem and art, I found an interesting art/culture article from the NYTimes that I’m sharing some from.

You don’t have to look far to find our small world in pain and disrepair, here-America, Africa-Chad, Europe-Ukraine, and on and on… Though somehow artists in all areas seem to carry on with culture. Ukraine is on my mind with the recent bombardments there. While reading the NYTimes I found an article related to art/culture and artists from Ukraine doing just that, carrying on. The article is, In Paris Then, in Kyiv Now, Visions of Freedom and Bravery. You may not be able to access it if you aren’t a subscriber so I’m going to share a couple of quotes and a few links to some of the artists mentioned. Many of the artists are still in Ukraine, while some are displaced.

Here’e an excerpt by the articles author Jason Fargo,
“when culture took on the dimensions of survival, Ukraine’s artists have done what I thought could no longer be done: They have met history head-on. Their work is not the work of victims. It is the work of combatants — of active participants in an explicit culture war, proving every day that civic values can help defeat a supposedly superior adversary.”

This is a quote by poet and novelist Serhiy Zhadan,
“Yet our language has turned out to be much stronger than any attempt to compel us to remain silent, to forgo calling a spade a spade, or to forgo pronouncing the names we use to identify each other. We are trying to stand up to death; we are trying to stand up to absolute silence.”
Zhadan’s forthcoming book is called, “Sky Above Kharkiv.”

More artists mentioned:

Visual Artist Maria Kulikovska’s website

 Oleg Shudeiko, a young composer “who works extensively with modular synthesis.”

Gasoline Radio, a noncommercial station launched in Kyiv just this year, has kept Ukrainian house, techno and even folk music streaming worldwide, even amid the power cuts.”

There’s also a campaign of posters assembled all over Kyiv, “a one-word slogan, overlaid on images of soldiers, firefighters, grandpas, dog walkers. The word is bravery, a quality we honor in others but have grown lazy in asking of ourselves. “

Wikipedia images

Sending wishes for Peace, Joy, and a cease to War for all!

Leave your links with Mister Linky:

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Poetry Friday–Dream Haiku & Holiday Cards

Happy Poetry Friday!

I have a haiku to share from Margaret Simon’s post this week for This Photo Wants to be a Poem, thanks Margaret for the prompt! You can take a peek at the image by following the link, briefly it was about dreams and travel… I sure can’t pass on anything that has to do with dreams!

hold your moonbeam-dream
close to your heart, keep
your dream-strings tugging…

© 2022 Michelle Kogan draft

Hey, the holidays are knocking… And I’m sharing a few Holiday Gift Cards that are available in my online Etsy Shop: Michelle Kogan Fine Art. The one above, Robin Hydrangea & Hawthorn Berries is also available as a Greeting Card and Archival Print.

And for those silvery, soft purple, and lilac snowflakes that have begun to fall stop by her for my Snowflakes Gift Card.

And here for my jolly Snowperson and Birdies Gift Card.

The Poetry Friday Roundup is hosted this week by Catherine Flynn at her blog Reading to the core, be sure to stop by, thanks for hosting Catherine!

And next week I’ll be hosting the Roundup, so see you again soon!

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Poetry Friday–Recipe Poem Challenge

Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pear Pie 2022, © Michelle Kogan

Happy Poetry Friday!

Again the month has escaped me… My poem is from the Poetry Sister’s November challenge: to write a recipe poem, I’m hoping mine fits the menu, perhaps with a few substitutions… Thanks for the challenge  Laura,  Tanita,  Mary Lee,  Liz,  Kelly,  Tricia,  Sara,  and Andi!  Find more of these poems tagged with #PoetryPals.


Planning or 
intuition or 
maybe a bit 
of both…
Like cooking 
some planning may help.
Maybe rise 
early–if possible

Remember our Thanksgiving when…
Electricity took a hike 
intuition moseyed in…
Birdie finished the menu
splendidly, stovetop-style.
Gas stove stepped in
with burners
igniting effortlessly.

So let’s unpack it–
We held it together,
stayed calm somehow
and thought of alternatives.
Could invite unity
if we let them in.
Open that crevice
stretch your order–
Rearrange ingredients,
discover something new,
maybe even 
a wee bit of 

Epilogue: Communal unity united all, and all were grateful for gas stove…

© 2022 Michelle Kogan draft

Ruth Bowen Hersey at her blog There is no such thing as a God-forsaken town is hosting this week’s Poetry Friday Roundup, thanks Ruth! Ruth’s sharing a couple Ode poems to Tables, along with some wonderful pics, so stop on by!

Be sure to help yourself to a piece of pie!

Peace & Thanksgiving wishes to all!

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